What is an Amiba?

Amiba Stuffed Toy Child Headrest (a.k.a. Amoeba)


According to Wikipedia, the amoeba was first discovered by August Johann Rösel von Rosenhof (now there's a name you don't hear often) in 1757. Early naturalists referred to Amoeba as the Proteus animalcule (I dare you to repeat multiple times super fast) after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his shape. The name "amibe" was given to it by Bory de Saint-Vincent, from the Greek amoibè, meaning change. 

Finally, in 2010 the Amiba (Ami for "Friend" in French and ba for "amazing lovable and practical Amoeba looking pillows") Monsters were introduced by a dedicated mompreneur.


Nadine's final vision was engineered into these fun and practical stuffed toy that acts as a travel headrest pillows and much more. Since the start, we have also introduced the Aminiba Headrest Pillow and the Aminiba Stuffed Toy.