Kids Gift Idea

Kid's Birthday Gift Idea

Whether it's for a child's birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion, do you ever get frustrated on child gift ideas? It could be another doll or action figurine but that seems all "deja vue".

What if you could find an original child gift idea that no one would have!? Well, our Amiba Monsters are ALL original and none are alike!

They are fun to play with and practical to have ("anti slump" body travel pillow, travel headrest, stuffed toy, etc...)! 

Here are some things that our Amiba Monsters are used by adults and kids: 

  • Kids Birthday Gift
  • Kids Christmas Gift
  • Kids Easter Gift
  • Travelling comfort
  • Watching TV
  • Listening Music
  • Nursing/Breastfeeding
  • Reading
  • Decoration ;)
  • Sleeping
  • Just to say "I love you!"
  • Grading
  • Science fair (it is an Amoeba!)
  • And much, much more...