Anti Slump Travel Pillow

Have you ever gone on a trip and the first thing that happens is your child falls asleep in their seat (car, plane, train)?

Stop The Slump Body Travel Pillow

You can now put an end to this with the Amiba Monster child travel headrest! When all you see is their frail little body starting to slump over and their uncomfortable journey begin, this travel pillow will stop the slum right away.

This product was developed out of necessity where it was exactly what was happening with all three of our kids, and we could not find anything in the market place to help our situation.  Once the "prototype" was done, the popularity started to take off and we now have a good solution for you to Amiba Monster!

These Unique Kid Travel Headrest will ensure your child's comfort while bringing them a fun play friend to keep them company.

Kids Travel With Comfort