About Us

Amiba Monsters believes that all kids stuffed toys should not only be colourful and creative but practical as well. Our Amiba Monster stuffed toys are vibrant in colour, soft to the touch, are sleeping buddies for our little ones and head rests for those long drives. Designed by my kids for creativity and kid appeal and shaped to be a comfortable head rest on those long travel days, our hope is that these Amiba Monster stuffed toys will make a great addition to your family.


How Amiba Monsters Stuffed Toys Were Created


Being a mother of three, with a joy for sewing, I found myself constantly trying to combine my two passions. Creating fun yet practical items (for kids) became my goal.


Struggling to find something on the market to comfort and support my children on those long drives while travelling, my creativity was sparked. After many trials and errors, the Amiba Monster was created. Soft fabric, fun colors and strategically placed curves became the Amiba Monster. This one was a hit. The fun faces and supportive soft shape gives your child something to support them while sleeping sitting up. Wrestling with, sleeping on, and snuggling with these Amiba Monster stuffed toys are a constant in my home and have become extensions of our family.


With interest from other children and parents, I began making them as gifts and then the idea of selling them became a natural thought. Two years later, with help from my fun loving family I have created our official website https://www.amibamonsters.com/ and facebook page www.facebook.com/amibamonsters to display and sell our creations.


I know you and your child/children will enjoy these Amiba Monsters just as much as my children do!

Here's a video from one of our trade shows that explains the use of our Amiba Monsters in more details: